Packing Up Your Otter

  Photo Credit - Ben Larson - In-Depth Media Productions

Photo Credit - Ben Larson - In-Depth Media Productions

Tedd Johnson writes:

Hey Joel do you know of any good tips and tricks videos for packing up and setting up a flip over by yourself? Also collapsing it down, I just got pro xt cabin but having a hard time collapsing it without hitting my head.

Hey Tedd - It's new now, but after a few times, it'll be old hat.  In terms of setup, I pull off the cover and start by pulling out the section that lays on the ground.  Then I get inside and push out the back wall, roof, and forward poles, making sure I hear the "click" on both sides.  For takedown, I like to tuck in the edges and the trim the lays by your feet whenever possible, and just make sure the cover is on snug before heading out and you'll be good to go.  This step is important to keep the snow out of your tub when pulling long distances behind a machine. Good luck!

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