Which GPS System?

Photo Credit - Ben Larson - In-Depth Media Productions

Photo Credit - Ben Larson - In-Depth Media Productions

Brandon Olson of Brooklyn Park Asks:

Hey Joel, I know it's the beginning of summer now and walleye opener is next week but I'm still missing one more thing for next ice season to really give me that edge on finding fish a little bit more accurately. What's a good gps system I could mount or take with me on the atv that will get me within feet of where I want to be? What are you guys running with when your out there? Thanks

I'm used to running an old Lowrance H2O. That said, this coming ice season, I'll have a Marcum RT-9 to mount on the sled or ATV!  In summer testing, I'm happy with the size of the screen and GPS Mapping features offered.  If you're used to the Navionics phone app, you'll have the ability to put in a Navionics card to get the same information in a bigger screen with sonar attached.

The unit is mounted to the soft-pack via a RAM mount, and I'll have a few RAM balls on both my ice vehicles and my hard house wall.  With that in mind, I think this will be the perfect travel-to and destination GPS/Fishfinder for the wheelhouse crowd.  

On the back of the unit, you can plug in 2 sonar, and 1 camera module, which will be the preferred wheelhouse configuration I'll be running.  Plug it into the big-screen TV via the HDMI out on the top of the RT-9, and you can operate a whole shelter's worth of electronics in one unit.  In that way, I think of it more as a shelter resource or command center for the whole house, rather than just an individual sonar unit for a single angler within that house.

Internet, YouTube, and App distractions via the Android table interface the RT-9 is on may help keep my kids out on the ice a bit longer as well!