Why Would I Buy a Marcum LX-5 Now?

Ben Datres asks:

Hey Joel, I've heard some talk on In-Depth Outdoors about a new line of Marcums coming out, possibly all digital like the humingbirds? I know you can't tell me those details but marcum has the lx5i at a crazy good discontinued price. I'm strongly thinking of getting one now unless you think its worth waiting for the new line of flashers? I've had a showdown troller 2 for the last 4 years so it would be a huge upgrade.

I've had a chance to play with the updated flasher, and I'm excited for what it'll bring to the table.  That said, at 40% off, the Marcum LX5i that I currently use is too great an opportunity to pass up!  The Marcum LX-5 in all its original glory has been revised a few times, but keeps getting better and better.  While I'd hate for you to miss out on what's up and coming, I know full-well that many people are interested in the price point that this tried and true flasher is now offered at.  

Regarding flashers, especially on price buys like this, my thoughts have always been that you can purchase and always re-sell on the used market once ice hits once you're ready to upgrade.  That used market is incredibly strong, especially in November.  

Enjoy your purchase, I know I'll be keeping mine around for sentimental reasons if for nothing else.  That unit has put some beasts on the ice!