What's Your Favorite Turkey Call?

Photo Credit - Ben Brettingen

Photo Credit - Ben Brettingen

Dylan from Hayfield, MN asks:

I've used a box call and slate call before, but I was at your turkey seminar last year and saw you use a mouth call.  What's your favorite type of call and what mouth call do you use?

Thanks for the question Dylan.  The call types you listed are all ones that I carry in my vest no matter what, but there are definitely some I use more than others.  There's a pile of simply personal preference that goes into answering this question too.  They're all my favorite, but mouth calls and box calls in that order are two types I don't know that I would want to do without.  The mouth call because of how versatile it is, and the box call for the sheer volume and rasp I can get.  

There's plenty of good calls on the market, but I've been blowing one for a few years that's a cut above as far as I'm concerned.  Jeff Frederick is a 10-time WI state champ and calling aficionado who builds and hand-stretches his own.  His Champion's Choice call is the most versatile call I've ever used, and also happens to be the easiest to blow from any I've ever tried.  

The key is to try a few and figure out which one you have the most confidence in.  If you sound best on a slate call, then use that one above all others!