Jig/Spoon Storage?

Mitchell Louden writes:

Hey Joel! I have a few Plano tackle cases and whenever I ride my fourwheeler on the ice they roll around in them and chip the paint. So I am wondering the best way you recommend storing tackle? 

Well Mitchell, there's not alot of great options for the larger lead lures and spoons.  These are the ones most affected as they're the heaviest and do the most rattling and moving around.  That said, for jigs, one key is to get a tackle box like the Rose Creek Polar box or Rapala Utility Box that holds each lure individually in place.  

These work fine for smaller items, but to protect spoons and other lead items with paint, I think the best way is to make your own or look at the Clam Spoon Box.  To make your own, start with a Plano Deep 3700 box and go to Walmart to find the type of hard foam insulation you'd like.  Use a drill bit to drill small, evenly spaced holes in that foam which you've measured and pre-marked ahead of time.  Experiment with different sizes for different lures until you find which matches most of your tackle.  Glue it into the box for a good fit.  While these boxes are quite a bit bulkier, they do hold a pile of tackle and keep it much safer.  

Good luck!



Photo Credit - Ben Larson - In-Depth Media Productions

Photo Credit - Ben Larson - In-Depth Media Productions