Difference in Jigs and Lures?

Bill Winchell from Cannon Falls, MN  asks:

Is there really that much difference in jigs and lures from different manufacturers? Been partial to VMX and Trigger X, but others on the market are cheaper.  I like Rapala but others seem to have copied lure designs. 

Well, the great debate over lures and lure mfrs. has been going on for quite some time.  While I think especially today, any major lure manufacturer puts out products that catch fish, quality in construction is variable.

I look for strong hooks that hold a point, with correct sized gaps for the lure/species targeted.  Paint jobs should hold up to fishing in rocks and hard substrate.  A good clear-coat or hard finish also prevents hooks on certain jigs from spinning within the lead.   

While there are exceptions, the adage "you get what you pay for" holds true for most tackle these days.  Bargain bin sales or heavily discounted jigs tend to be of inferior quality.