Braided Line in the Winter?

Joel King asks:

Do you ever use braid in the winter and if so use a fluorocarbon leader? trying to prevent line twist is my biggest problem when jigging. do you have a certain way you spool your reels each winter? thanks Joel love the website

Braid is great if you're in a heated environment, but doesn't work that well in frigid temps outside.  I used the Sufix 832 in Ghost White for a trip last winter after Whitefish in out of Sturgeon Bay, WI with Captain JJ Malvitz.  JJ mentioned that in the depths they fish, braid is the key!  As for spooling reels, I tend to just lay the line spool flat, either on its face or on its back to see which way the twist builds least. 

You're always going to get some twist and memory via the small spools we use for ice reels.  For active presentations like flutter spoons or other baits that introduce even more twist, a tiny swivel like these VMC Black Stainless Rolling Swivels in a size 12 are super small and helpful