Which Ice Rods?

Saran Mao of Richfield, MN asks:

Quick question. I am planning on buying a Tuned Up Custom ice rod. What would be best for crappies and walleyes? Would a noodle and precision be what i need?

One of the things that makes custom ice rods so great is that they're focused and specific.  Not just to species or applications, but often to lure weights and sizes within those species and techniques.  There's also the consideration of your height, whether you're fishing outside or inside of a shelter, and whether or not you like to stand, sit, or kneel while fishing.  

For example, I'm 5'10", and I typically am fishing outside for both species, often kneeling from hole to hole while I look for fish.  When fishing crappies with light jigs, I like a shorter Noodle rod such that wind can't affect my bite detection.  For tungsten, I'll switch to a Bullwhip to handle the weight of the heavier tungsten product.  

As for Walleye, for most 1/8 oz spoons/jigs, a Precision really does the trick.  It's exceptionally versatile for perch and even larger crappie, and provided you get a length that suits your style of fishing, you'll end up owning more than one.


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